BeaverBeadsTM Blood DNA Kit consists of superparamagnetic microspheres and pre-made buffers to extract genome from anticoagulated blood, serum and plasma simply and efficiently. The quality of the extracted products is stable and reliable, and can be used for PCR amplification, sequencing and detection. CFDA#: 苏苏械备20150136号

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BeaverBeads™ Blood DNA Extraction Kit 70423-100 100 rxns 100 rxns $

Product Features

1. Bind DNA efficiently and capable to extract 2~5 ug DNA directly from 100~200 uL blood;

2. Conduct sample lysis and nucleic binding synchronously, especially suitable for automation;

3. Remove impurities efficiently, such as protein and inorganic salt, A260/280 value >1.7;

4. No toxic solvents  such as phenol and chloroform.




three replicate test concentration results

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