▼ BeaverBeads™ for Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

1.Can this product do select isolation?
2.What's the proper size of DNA fragment for purification?
3.What's the proper size of DNA fragment for recycle?
4.If only PCR purification is performed, what's the adding ratio?
5.Does the recommended screening rate in the instruction apply to the sample used?
6.How much can the kit extract per reaction?
7.Is saliva DNA extraction kit only used for saliva samples?Is it also suitable for samples collected by swabs?
8.What are the suitable sample types?
9.Can this kit match automated nucleic acid extraction instrument?
10.How much can the kit extract per reaction?
11.Is it able to do extraction of large volume of samples?
12.What's the difference between 70406 and 70406Ⅱ?
13.What's the appropriate amount of serum/blood?
14.What's the recycling efficiency of cell free DNA?
15.Whether the kit can perform DNA select isolation?
16.What's the extraction efficiency?
17.Is it able to perform automate operations?

▼ BeaverBeads™ for Protein Purification

▼ BeaverBeads™ for Immunoprecipitation

1.How about the homogeneity of 1μm SA bead?Test method.
2.How to separate SA magnetic beads from biotin-labeled biological ligands?
3.How to choose between Mag NHS and Magrose NHS?
4.What are the experimental and judgemental methods of determining the appropriate Coupling Buffer?

▼ BeaverBeads™ SiO2/Polymer/Magrose

1.What should I pay attention to for ligand coupling?
2.What is the amount of 1μm beads per mg?
3.What is the amount of antibody can 1μm bead couple with (70104)?
4.For DNA extraction, which magnetic beads are more recommended?
5.What fields can Magrose OH be applied in?
6.How much nucleic acid can the beads bind?

▼ Sample Collection and Storage

▼ BeaverDevice™

▼ TC-Treated Cell Culture Series

1.What is the concentration range of detectable biotin-labeled IgG?
2.What is the maximum binding amount of Biotin-labeled IgG?
3.What are the suitable cell types of Suspension Cell Culture Surface?
4.Compared with other brands,are there any advantages of Beaver TCT Cell Culture Series?

▼ Consumables

▼ ELISA Plate