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BEAVER biomedical is a research and develop manufacturer in nano-biomaterials surface technology in life science field, located in Suzhou Industrial Park, China. With the area of 6000㎡ 100,000GMP standard clean room. BEAVER focuses on the IVD sample processing solutions. The present products include magnetic beads raw material, nucleic acids extraction reagents, laboratory consumables and laboratory equipments. BEAVER has been certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and many products have Class I medical instrument certificates. In addition, BEAVER has gained about 10 China municipal and provincial awards and high-tech enterprise qualifications since founded in 2012.

Till now, BEAVER has cooperated with many institutions, universities and companies to develop international standards, new technology and products etc.. For instance, BEAVER has worked with German Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), the National Metrology Institute of Germany, on international standards project ISO 19807-2. BEAVER also supplies the products for more than 20 countries, such as US, Canada, Brazil, France, Italy, Australia, Korea, Thailand, India etc...

Core technology platform

BeaverNano™ Biological Nano surface technology platform
BeaverBeads™ Nanomagnetic BeadS technology platform
BeaverBio™ Biological reagent development technology platform
BeaverDevice™ Mini instrument development platform

Core Values

Unity, Cooperation, Science&Technology, Innovation

BEAVER vision

Building a leading brand of nano magnetic bead materials

BEAVER mission

It is committed to promoting the development of biomedical diversified sample processing technology and improving the wide application of automation system.

BEAVER responsibility

Responsible to customers, responsible to employees, responsible to shareholders, responsible to society.

BEAVER concept of honor

Be proud of your struggle, and be lazy.
Take cooperation as honor and prevarication as shame.
Honor keeping one's word, shame on breaking one's word.
Be thrifty, be ashamed of waste.