BeaverBeadsTM PCR Purification uses optimized superparamagnetic magnetic beads and buffer system to easily recover DNA from PCR products, effectively removing impurities such as primer dimers, dNTPs, inorganic salts and proteins. The whole process is simple and fast, in only 20 minutes the experiment can be completed. This product has the characteristics of wide range of recovered DNA fragments, high recovery rate and high DNA purity. The recovered DNA can be directly used for subsequent operations such as enzyme digestion, sequencing and PCR.

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BeaverBeads™ PCR-5G PCR-5G 5mL $
BeaverBeads™ PCR-50G PCR-50G 50mL $
BeaverBeads™ PCR-250G PCR-250G 250mL $

Product Features:

--Suitable for a wide range of DNA fragments: 150bp~50bp;
--High recovery rate: generally more than 80%;
--High purity of DNA: The purity of the recovered PCR product is high, A260/A280=1.7~2.0, A260/A230=1.9~2.3;
--Quick and easy operation: complete the entire process in 20 minutes without centrifugation; suitable for automated, high-throughput PCR product purification.

Application Example:

Comparison of product yield and purity after purification by two purification reagents

Note: M:100bp DNA Ladder; 样:Before Purification

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