Heparin is a glycosaminoglycan which serves as an effectively affinity bind and ion exchange ligand for a wide range of biomolecules, including coagulation factors and other plasma proteins, lipoproteins, protein synthesis factors, enzymes that act on nucleic acids and steroid receptors. By coupling heparin to BeaverBeads Magrose beads with a chemically optimized linkage, BeaverBeadsTM Magrose Heparin are used for biomolecules purification such as Anticoagulation factor III, coagulation factor, interferon, nucleic acid binding protein, lipoprotein, protein synthesis factors, restriction endonuclease, thrombin and thrombin-like enzyme biomolecules.

Product name NO. Spec Packing Unit Unit Price Add Cart
BeaverBeads™ Heparin 70807-5 10% (v/v) 5 mL, 10%(v/v), 30-150 μm $
BeaverBeads™ Heparin 70807-100 10% (v/v) 2×50mL, 10%(v/v) ,30-150 μm $
BeaverBeads™ Heparin 70807-1000 10% (v/v) 4×250mL, 10%(v/v), 30-150 μm $


Designation BeaverBeadsTM Magrose Heparin
Bead Diameter(µm) 30~150
Ligand density ~3mg/mL beads
Protein Binding Capacity (mg/ml pure beads) ~2mg/mL  beads
Slurry Concentration 10% (v/v)
Color Brown to dark
Bead Matrix Agarose
Storage 4℃~8℃ in 20% ethanol; NO FREEZE


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