surface covalently coupled Oligo (dT), can complement Poly A at the tail of mRNA in eukaryotes

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BeaverBeads™ Oligo(dT) 70430-1 1mL ,5mg/mL,2.8μm $
BeaverBeads™ Oligo(dT) 70430-2 2mL ,5mg/mL,2.8μm $
BeaverBeads™ Oligo(dT) 70430-5 5mL ,5mg/mL,2.8μm $
BeaverBeads™ Oligo(dT) 70431-1 1mL ,5mg/mL,1μm $
BeaverBeads™ Oligo(dT) 70431-2 2mL ,5mg/mL,1μm $
BeaverBeads™ Oligo(dT) 70431-5 5mL ,5mg/mL,1μm $

BeaverBeadsTM Oligo dT applying surface covalently conjugated with Oligo dT, can couple with Poly A at the tail of mRNA in eukaryotes. BeaverBeadsTM Oligo dT can efficiently separate complete and high purity mRNA from eukaryotic total RNA, animal and plant tissues or cell lysates. The isolated mRNA can be used in various molecular biological experiments: RT-PCR, solid phase cDNA library construction, RACE, Northern, etc.

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