BeaverBeadsTM Tissue DNA Kit (Cat.70443) provides a simple, fast and efficient method for DNA extraction from fresh tissue. After tissue samples are treated by tissue digestion solution and lysate, genomic DNA will be enriched on the surface of magnetic beads, and after washing and elution, high-yield and high-purity DNA can be obtained. Extracted product can be used in PCR, Real-time PCR, SNP genotyping, STR genotyping, second-generation sequencing and pharmacogenomics research, etc.

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BeaverBeads Tissue DNA Kit 70443-20 20 rxns 20 rxns, box $
BeaverBeads Tissue DNA Kit 70443-100 100 rxns 100 rxns, box $


  1. High-throughput, automated: up to 96 samples can be extracted in 40 mins

  2. High yield: 1-5 μg DNA can be extracted per mg of tissue sample

  3. High purity: A260/A280 is between 1.8-1.9, A260/A230 value≥1.9

Application Cases

Use the BeaverBeadsTM Tissue DNA Kit to extract 10-15 mg of different animal tissues DNA, and detect the concentration and integrity of the DNA by Nanodrop and electrophoresis.

  1. DNA concentration/purity detection: the total amount of DNA measured can reach to 10 μg; and A260/A280≥1.9 by Nanodrop detection, indicating that the extracted DNA has high yield and high purity.

                      Fig.1 The amount of DNA extracted from different tissues of mice

2. DNA integrity test: extract 10-15 mg of different tissues DNA, and then add 2 μL of the extracted DNA into each well. The concentration of agarose is 1%, 120V voltage, and run for 35 minutes to check the integrity. Compared with competitor T, BeaverBeadsTM Tissue DNA Kit has better integrity.

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