BeaverBeadsTM DEAE is a positively charged magnetic agarose beads used in protein and nucleic acid purification/separation by ion exchange method. The beads are derivatized with diethylaminoethanol (DEAE) and lock negatively charged proteins or nucleic acids into the surface, until released by increasing the salt concentration of the solvent.

Product name NO. Spec Packing Unit Unit Price Add Cart
BeaverBeads™ DEAE 70809-5 5mL 5 mL, 10%(v/v), 30-150 μm $
BeaverBeads™ DEAE 70809-100 100mL 2×50 mL, 10%(v/v) ,30-150 μm $
BeaverBeads™ DEAE 70809-1000 1000mL 4×250 mL, 10%(v/v), 30-150 μm $
Product name BeaverBeadsTM Magrose DEAE
Bead Diameter 30~150μm
Ion exchange type Weak anionic group
Protein binding capacity  ≥110 mg BSA/mLGel
Preserving fluid 20% ethanol
Suspension concentration 10% (v / v) magnetic beads suspension
Preservative temperature 2 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ (long-term preservation, recommended at 2 ℃ ~ 8 ℃)
ion-exchange capacity 110~170 μmol/mL Gel
Working  pH range 3-12


1. Good dispersion and resuspension.

2. Good physical and chemical stability, improving the reliability and repeatability of the test results.

3. Superparamagnetic and high magnetic response, saving operation time.

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