BeaverBeadsTM Plant DNA Kit is suitable for fast and efficient extraction of DNA from plant samples using superparamagnetic microspheres. The pre-made buffer can be directly used for extraction, or can be adjusted according to the amount of sample added. This product can be used for manual extraction of a small amount of samples, and is also suitable for high-throughput operations with automated workstations. The extracted product can be used for enzyme digestion, PCR amplification, detection and other follow-up experiments.

Product name NO. Spec Packing Unit Unit Price Add Cart
BeaverBeads Plant DNA Kit 70409-20 20 rxns 20 rxns, box $
BeaverBeads Plant DNA Kit 70409-100 100 rxns 100 rxns, box $


  1. Alcohol free system make lysis more efficient

  2. Suitable for different tissue samples of plants especially complicated samples such as seed

  3. Room temperature lysis to make DNA more stable, no need water bath incubation

Application Cases

Experimental samples:Experimental samples:bamboo leaves (50 mg),soybean seeds (50 mg)

Experimental methods and materials:BeaverBeadsTM Plant DNA Kit and competitor kit

Conclusion: The results of Nanodrop test and agarose electrophoresis show that the yield and integrity of the extracted products of BeaverBeadsTM Plant DNA Kit are significantly better than those of competing products, especially for the extraction of seed samples which have complicated.

Fig.1 Add 10 μL samples of extracted DNA to each well, Agarose concentration is 1%, voltage is 120V, and the gel is run for 35 mins.

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