The Protein A/G Immunoprecipitation (IP) beads based on superparamagnetic beads covalently coated with recombinant Fc binding domains of Protein A and that of Protein G for the immunoprecipitation application of target protein or protein complexes from cell lysate, blood plasma, ascites and tissue culture supernatant.

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BeaverBeads™ Protein A/G for Immunoprecipitation 22202-20 10mg/mL 20rnxs $
BeaverBeads™ Protein A/G for Immunoprecipitation 22202-100 10mg/mL 100rnxs $
BeaverBeads™ Protein A for Immunoprecipitation 22203-20 10mg/mL 20rnxs $
BeaverBeads™ Protein A for Immunprecipitation 22203-100 10mg/ml 100rxns $

1. High efficiency,high capacity and low consumption
2. Flexible and simple operation
3. Reliable results and high repetition rate
4. Low background

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