BeaverBeadsTM DNA Select Isolation contains superparamagnetic beads and pre-made buffers for the screening of specific range of DNA fragments for second generation sequencing (NGS). After the buffer and the sample are mixed in a certain ratio, the nucleic acid fragments of different molecular weights can be recovered, thereby eliminating the inconvenience caused by the purification of the gel.

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BeaverBeads™ DNA Select Isolation 70407-5 5mL 5mL $
BeaverBeads™ DNA Select Isolation 70407-60 60mL 60mL $
BeaverBeads™ DNA Select Isolation 70407-450 450mL 450mL $

Product Features: 

--High purity: The recovered product can be directly used for second generation sequencing (NGS) database construction;
--Precise screening: free selection of screening ranges for nucleic acid fragments and accurate screening;
--Good operating performance: The magnetic beads have fast magnetic response, which effectively prevents the effects caused by the residual magnetic beads.


Example 1. Test data indicates that the target fragment in any range can be purified from DNA fragments of less than 3000 bp by adjusting the ratio of beads in BeaverBeadsTM DNA Select Isolation.


Example 2. Left fragment screening verification
Left fragment screening: used to recover nucleic acid fragments with molecular weights greater than the screening limit. In this procedure, as the ratio of magnetic suspension to sample increases, the binding efficiency of small fragments of nucleic acids will gradually increase.








M:100bp DNA ladder;  样本:50ng/μL 100bp DNA ladder;  






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