Product name NO. Spec Packing Unit Unit Price Add Cart
6-Well TCT Plate, Standard Packing 40106 1/Pk.,50Pk./Case $
12-Well TCT Plate, Standard Packing 40112 1/Pk.,50Pk./Case $
24-Well TCT Plate, Standard Packing 40124 1/Pk.,50Pk./Case $
48-Well TCT Plate, Standard Packing 40148 1/Pk. 1/Pk.,50Pk./Case $
96-Well TCT Plate, Standard Packing 40196 1/Pk.,65Pk./Case $
25cm TCT Flask, Vent 40125 Filter Cover 12/Pk.,25Pk./Case $
25cm TCT Flask,Sealed 40179 Sealed Cover 12/Pk.,25Pk./Case $
75cm TCT Flask,Vent 40175 Filter 5/Pk.,18Pk./Case $
75cm TCT Flask,Sealed 40180 Sealed Cover 5/Pk.,18Pk./Case $
175cm TCT Flask,Vent 40186 Filter Cover 5/Pk.,10Pk./Case $
175cm TCT Flask,Sealed 40185 Sealed Cover 5/Pk.,10Pk./Case $
35mm Cell Culture Dish,TCT 43703 10/Pk.,50Pk./Case $
60mm Cell Culture Dish,TCT 43702 10/Pk.,50Pk./Case $
100mm Cell Culture Dish,TCT 43701 10/Pk.,30Pk./Case $
Suspension Cell Culture 6-Well Plate 40406 1/Pk. 1/Pk., 50 Pk./Case $
Suspension Cell Culture 24-Well Plate 40424 1/Pk. 1/Pk., 50 Pk./Case $
Suspension Cell Culture 96-Well Plate 40496 1/Pk. 1/Pk., 50 Pk./Case $
Suspension Cell Culture Flask 25cm 40425 5/Pk. 5/Pk.,25Pk./Case $
Suspension Cell Culture Flask 75cm 40475 5/Pk.,9Pk./Case $

BEAVER TCT Bottles adopt unique structure design (patent No. :ZL201320051575.7), avoid dead Angle and step in cell culture bottle, help culture medium or cell suspension pour smoothly, and will not cause cell residual loss and cell pollution. In addition, double thread design of the asymmetrical zigzag bottle neck is beneficial to decreasing more smooth cap rotation, better self-locking ability, easier tightening and loosening operation. After the cap is tightened, it shows high sealing performance, which greatly reduces the probability of cell contamination.

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