The Bacterial Genomic DNA Kit can extract genomic DNA from bacterial samples based on magnetic beads method. Using magnetic beads after lysis of Gram positive or negative bacteria, its genomic DNA will be enriched and extracted with high efficiency and purity. The extracted sample can be directly used in enzyme digestion, PCR, next generation sequencing, gene chip, Southern hybridization and other experiments.

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BeaverBeads Bacteria Genomic DNA Kit 70408-10 10 rxn, trial 10 rxn, trial,box $
BeaverBeads Bacteria Genomic DNA Kit 70408-100 100 rxns 100 rxns, box $


  1. Fast operation: The experiment duration is 40 mins

  2. No contamination: No RNA and protein contamination

  3. Wide range: Applicable to all bacteria

  4. No poison: No toxic organic solvents such as phenol and chloroform

Application Cases

Use the BEAVER Bacterial Genomic DNA Kit to extract bacterial genomic DNA from different sources and then

detect the concentration and integrity of DNA. The specific data are as follows:

  1. DNA concentration/purity test : the total amount of DNA measured is >6 μg; And A260/ A280 value ≥1.7 by Nanodrop testing, indicating that the extracted DNA is of high purity.

2. DNA Integrity Test: extract the Genomic DNA of Escherichia Coli and detect the integrity by gel electrophoresis.

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