96-Well TCT Plate, Standard Packing

High stability, strong cell adhesion, high quality of the supermirror, excellent cell pictures.

  • Art.No.:40196
  • specification:-
  • packaging:1/Pk.,65Pk./Case

6 holes
Plate treatment
TC treatment
Polystyrene (PS)
Single hole area (cm2)9.5
Single hole working volume (mL)16.74
Recommended medium dosage (mL)3
Available cell volume (cells/ cm2)*2.5×105
Bottom shapeFlat
Sterilization methodγ ray (Co60) sterilization

*Note: The number of cells in a petri dish that are covered with a variety of monolayer cells depends on the surface area of the bottom and the size of the cell. Therefore, the numbers of cells obtained from different types of culture plates are quite different. The number of cells available in the table above using Hela cells as an example is for reference only.


  1. Stable quality among products with no difference between batches and small ones among holes within the same plate;

  2. Good surface stability, strong adhesion of cells, more suitable for cell growth;

  3. γ raysterilization, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, no human DNA, DNase, and RNase;

  4. User-friendly;

  5. High quality of the supermirror for excellent cell pictures.


Left: Growth of mesenchymal stem cells in BeaverBio™ cell culture surface
Right: Growth of human umbilical vein endothelial cells in BeaverBio™ cell culture surface
Left: Growth of Human aortic vascular smooth muscle cells in BeaverBio™ cell culture surface