BeaverBeads™ IDA-Cobalt

BeaverBeads™ IDA contains BeaverBeads™ IDA-Nickel and BeaverBeads™ IDA-Cobalt, Which are used for His-tagged protein affinity purification in either manual operation setting (with Magnetic Separators from BeaverNano or other suppliers) or robotic automation setting (on magnetic separation workstations from Apricot Designs, Tecan or Hamilton, etc.).

  • Art.No.:70502-5
  • specification:10%(v/v), 30-150 μm
  • packaging:5 mL, 10%(v/v), 30-150 μm


1. The target protein can be purified from the crude samples. Without high-speed centrifugation, filtration and the expensive chromatography equipment.
2. Using one-step can obtain high purity target protein.
3. The concentration and volume of protein can be easily controlled.
4. With high repeatability, high throughput and large-scale purification of proteins can be easiliy achieved.
5. Simple regeneration process.
6. High yield of target protein.



  BeaverBeads™ IDA compared with competitor columns.           


                               Repeat usage of BeaverBeads™ IDA.