BeaverBeads™ Mag NH2

BeaverBeads™ coated with polymer have rich functional COOH or NH2 groups, which are capable of covalently immobilizing biological ligands, such as peptides, proteins, antibodies and oligonucleotides. These magnetic beads can be used for immunology detection and molecular biology research.

  • Art.No.:70202-5
  • specification:2μm,10mg/mL
  • packaging:5 mL, 10 mg/mL, 2 μm


Product NameMag NH2
Mean particle size2 μm single dispersion
Surface amino contentNH2 (~200 μM/g)
Magnetic coreFe3O4
ShellPolymer (Silica)
Saturation magnetization45.23 emu/g
Specific Surface Area7.16 m2/g
Preservation solution2 years, store at 2 ℃~8℃(long term preservation)


-- Rich NH2 content: NH2>150μmol/g;

-- Excellent operation performance: Magnetic beads disperse evenly with super paramagnetism, magnetic response time is<30s

-- Excellent stability and repeatability: Uniform particle size, polydispersity coefficient<0.2, monodisperse.