BeaverBeads Protein A / Protein G

BeaverBeads™ Protein A, Protein G are superparamagnetic beads covalently coated with recombinant Protein A or Protein G that contains Fc binding domains for the purification of monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies from cell lysate, blood plasma, ascites and tissue culture supernatant, and for antibody immobilization studies. The one-step solution can reduce the antibody absorption process to 10 minutes and purification process to 30 minutes, yielding antibody with >90% purity.

  • Art.No.:70814-5
  • specification:5ml. 10%(v/v),10-30um
  • packaging:bottled

1. Highly effective antibody binding capacity and ultra-low non-specific adsorption performance

Protein A Matrix beads extract the purity of antibody IgG from 10-fold diluted human serum, which is substantially the same or even higher than the purity of IgG extracted directly from serum.

2. Time saving, simple and mild

The picture below shows the BeaverBeads ™ bead application flow diagram

  • Comparison with chromatographic - agarose gel purification

1. No centrifugation, magnetic separation can be used, and the use of the chromatograph-agarose gel purification system can greatly shorten the operating time

2. Avoid the error of the packing loss caused by repeated suction fluid

3. Avoid damage to active protein by mechanical shearing force in centrifugation

3. High product stability

BeaverBeads ™ Protein A Matrix Magnetic Beads Stability Test. The magnetic beads were incubated at 37 ℃ for 8 weeks, and the antibody binding efficiency was not attenuated, which indicated that the beads had good stability.

4. Antibody elution system is closer to neutral

This product uses an optimized elution buffer to elute antibodies at pH 4.5, greatly reducing the risk of acid-sensitive antibodies being damaged in low pH elution environments.

5. Very low protein A ligand off rate

Protein A residues in antibody purification products for Beaver Beads ™ beads are lower than US FDA standards (20 ppm). And has been certified by the foreign well-known foreign products no significant difference.

6. Reusable

BeaverBeads ™ antibody purified beads can be reused and regenerated, and maintain high antibody binding efficiency. After 15 uninterrupted purification operations, 75% of the lgG binding capacity was maintained, and the antibody binding capacity was restored to the original 90% after regeneration treatment.