Suspension Cell Culture 6-Well Plate

Product advantages 1. Easy to use, ready to use, no need to pre-process the product 2. Stable surface properties and long shelf life at room temperature 3. Stable product quality and no difference between batches 4. Non-pyrogenic, sterile packaging

  • Art.No.:40406
  • specification:1/Pk.
  • packaging:1/Pk., 50 Pk./Case

This product series uses Beaver developed bio-nano
surface technology to improve functional performance of
the conventional cell culture surface by using the natural
active peptides, sugars and other polymer materials, so
that the cell culture plate has ultra-low adhesion of cells.
The ability to achieve suspension culture of cells under
serum culture system. It can be used for suspension
culture of adherent cells and semi-adherent cells, spheroid
culture of tumor cells, and embryoid body formation experiments.